Why choose us:

We know that when choosing the right estate agent to sell your property you have a tremendous choice, and, on the surface, most estate agents appear to do pretty much the same thing! Indeed, it is probably true to say that any reasonable estate agent could probably find you a buyer, unless of course they are one of those agents who habitually over-value in order to impress you - don’t be fooled by that ruse!

We believe that it is as much about who we are as estate agents as it is about what we actually do. Because it is those personal elements of our service that make the difference to your move, not just the things we do to attract buyers. For example, the fact that we are independent means we can instantly tailor our service around the specific needs of each of our clients without “head office approval”. We also understand that accompanied viewings enjoy a much better viewing-to-sale ratio than unaccompanied viewings, because we take advantage of the opportunity to engage with our buyers, which often leads to better-qualified offers.

Importantly, our attention to detail in following up an agreed sale means that most of our sales actually proceed to completion, rather than suffering the 37%+ average UK fall-through rate.

As you might expect, such personal service usually comes at a price. However, we have decided to offer what we believe is the most reliable and enjoyable service in the area, for a lower fee than you might have expected from an agency of our calibre.

So, for a refreshing new slant on estate agency with a new look image but our same traditional values that make us the longest established Estate Agent in the town, it might be worth giving us a call on 01778 426215. Or why not drop into our new office for an informal chat over a cup of coffee to see it all for yourself?

Selling your home can be a stressful time but taking some advice and having a bit of careful thought can help secure a sale sooner, reducing the amount of stress on you and your family and should hopefully lead to achieving the best price possible.

Hints and Tips

Disassociate yourself from your property:

  • Try and view your property through a buyer’s eyes. Think of it not as ‘your home’ but as a product that is for sale and try and make your house look as neutral as possible.
  • Try and make the mental detachment early that your house when it has sold will be someone else’s property and look towards the future.
  • Choose an agent that will offer accompanied viewings as part of the service. The agent will not have the emotional attachment but the passion for making a sake and helping your move be a stress-free as possible.


  • If you view this process as giving yourself a ‘head-start’ when it comes to packing!
  • Take on a room at a time and think back to making each part of the house seem neutral to potential buyers.
  • Pack up any knickknacks or collectables, start removing books from full bookcases and make tidy as much off the kitchen worktops as is possible. You’ll be surprised at how much space appliances take up.

Make minor repairs:

  • Replace any cracked wall or floor tiles.
  • Patch any holes in wall or flooring.
  • Re-seal baths, showers and sinks.
  • Consider painting any bright walls so they are a neutral colour
  • Replace blown lightbulbs.
  • Patch any rotten window frames. *

*Speak to your agent if you aren’t sure whether the money is worth spending. Don’t make any major changes if your agent isn’t confident it will be reflected in your overall price.

Kerb appeal:

  • Keep lawns mown and edges tidy.
  • Fill borders with seasonal flowers.
  • Spray down pathways and patios with a pressure washer.
  • Trim hedges and mend any broken gates or fences.
  • Wash windows inside and out.

Make the house sparkle internally:

  • Keep floors washed and hoovered.
  • Clean any appliances such as fridges, dishwashers and washing machines. Damp or musty smells are a big no-no.
  • Clear away any cobwebs.
  • Dust furniture, any ceiling fan blades, light fixtures and blinds.
  • Hang up fresh towels.
  • Iron bedding.
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